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Mortgage Foreclosure Activity on the Rise in August

The number of foreclosure filings made by distressed mortgage borrowers rose by 7% in August compared to July. Still, it remained 9% below the level which was reached in August 2013. The total number of foreclosure filings in August 2014

Mortgage Delinquencies Fall

The mortgage industry got some great news today when a report by the MBA or Mortgage Bankers Association was made public. The news was that mortgage delinquencies are at a 7 year low. This marks the 7th straight quarter that

The US Home Buyers Prefer More Expensive Homes

The sales of both existing and newly built homes are on the rise. This has led to an increase in the median home price as well. At the same time, much of this increase is attributed to the growth in

Mortgage Rates Lower than Last Year, Expected to Go Up in 2015

After continuous decrease, the mortgage rates hit their lowest level for the month of June 2014. They are considerably lower than they were during the same week of 2013. This drop coincides with predictions that the Federal Reserve will increase

More Home Buyers Using Low Down Payment Mortgage Loans

The major question which economists have to answer right now is why US consumers are not buying homes when mortgage rates are still close to their historic low while house prices are 21% lower than their normal level. The current

The Higher Rental Rates May Push Mortgage Rates Up

The market for apartment rentals achieved its highest performance level for the past 6 years in May 2014 when the occupancy rate reached 95%. The rental rates are going up due to the strong demand which is still higher than

Fewer Home Buyers Using Adjustable Rate Mortgages

The falling demand for home loans has a great negative impact on adjustable rate mortgages, in particular. These loans have got quite a lot of bad press in recent years and this is one of the major factors for their

Large Share of All-Cash Sales in the Bottom Segment of the Housing Market

Once again housing is becoming a worthwhile investment for both households and businesses. Many buyers decide to use their saved cash instead of taking out a mortgage loan to purchase homes especially in the bottom segment of the market. This

Growing Inventory in the Housing Market

One of the major indicators for the stability of the housing market, the inventory, is finally showing improvement according to the latest report from Zillow. It marked an increase in May 2014 on both a monthly and an annual basis.

Mid-Year Report Indicating Sluggish Housing Market

In its June 2014 US Economic & Housing Market Outlook, Freddie Mac provided evaluation of the performance of the market during the first half of the year. Based on the figures, the analysts compiling the report defined the market as

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