Not As Many Americans Behind On Their Mortgage Now


According to a recent survey, the number of Americans behind on their mortgage has dropped to the lowest level in over 6 years.

The latest poll shows that the mortgage delinquency rate is now sitting at 3.61%. Also, the survey shows that currently the amount of homeowners that are 2 months behind on their mortgage dropped from 4.3% to only 3.4%. The lowest since 2008.

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The report showed a interesting fact on delinquent mortgages. Homeowners in the age group between 40 years old to 49 years old had the highest delinquency rate and the under 30 year old had the lowest.

In 2008, when the market took a large drop, lenders were loose on their approvals and a large number of loans went unpaid and delinquent. Now, the loans are much better because lenders have qualified the buyers more thoroughly. The amount of delinquent borrowers shows that as well.



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