Ways To Save Money On Your Mortgage

Ways to Save Money on Your Mortgage

The house which you plan to buy is perhaps the biggest purchase you will ever make in your life. That is why it makes sense to use every possible method for saving on the loan. Consider the most effective ways to save. They will produce the best possible results if you use them correctly.

Don’t Get More than You Need

The most important rule when it comes to mortgage is to buy a house you can afford. The second most important rule is not to borrow more than you need even if you have the chance to do it. By adding just a single dollar to the loan principal, you will have to make a larger interest payment and literally waste money in the long term.

Get Higher Credit Score

The higher your credit score is the lower the interest rate the lender will charge. The lower the interest is the larger your savings will be. It is that simple. Since you already know how to get the lowest mortgage rate, you need to take action right away. Prepare a plan for boosting your credit score and follow it strictly. The main things which you need to do include paying bills on time, refraining from new loans and credit cards and using no more than a third of the limit on your credit cards.

Make a Larger Down Payment

This is a highly effective way for saving on mortgage payment. Even though a 0 down mortgage may seem attractive, the larger the amount of money you put down the smaller the loan principal will be. With a smaller principal, the interest payment will be lower and the loan will be cheaper overall. Besides, with a larger down payment, you will have more equity in your home and this will put you in a better position if you decide to refinance. Hence, it makes sense to avoid no money down mortgage even if you have minimal savings.

Shop Around

Comparison shopping will allow you to identify the loan with lowest interest rate, lowest closing cost and most affordable monthly installment. The more programs you compare the better. You should definitely get al the mortgage help which you can get with the comparison process. Remember to arm yourself with a mortgage payoff calculator as well.


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You should definitely try to negotiate better terms and conditions with both the lender and the seller of the property that you want to buy. That way, you can get lower closing costs and even lower interest rate plus more flexible repayment terms. You lose nothing if you try.

Assume Higher Risk

The adjustable rate mortgages come with a lower interest rate which is often fixed for a certain period of time, usually up to 5 years. With this option, you can save a lot of money initially. You can save in the long term if interest rates remain low. Alternatively, you can refinance with a fixed rate loan. This strategy is trickier to apply, but it is extremely effective.

Repay Your Mortgage Early

This is perhaps the most popular method for saving on mortgage interest payments. Literally every home owner wants to know how to pay off mortgage faster. The reality is that there are various ways in which you can do this. One of the simplest options is to go for bi weekly mortgage repayment. That way, you will repay an extra full installment every year and save considerably.

A more flexible method is to allocate all additional income payments which you get towards the repayment of the home loan. You just need to have a plan and stick to it. Use a mortgage repayment calculator to prepare your strategy.



If the home loans available at present have lower interest rates than what you currently pay on your mortgage, you should definitely consider refinancing so that you can save on the interest payment. It is a common misconception that refinancing is only for people who need help with mortgage repayment.

You just need to find the most affordable deal at present and calculate how much money it will save you. You should be extra careful, however, since the cost of refinance may actually make this option more expensive. If you do everything right, you will generate great savings.

You should definitely utilize as many of these methods for saving on your mortgage as possible.



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